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Logo Perspective 3 Points Solver 1.0.0

by openpr_nlpr - December 2, 2011, 05:31:04 CET [ Project Homepage BibTeX Download ] 5703 views, 1634 downloads, 0 subscriptions

About: This is a implementation of the classic P3P(Perspective 3-Points) algorithm problem solution in the Ransac paper "M. A. Fischler, R. C. Bolles. Random Sample Consensus: A Paradigm for Model Fitting with Applications to Image Analysis and Automated Cartography. Comm. of the ACM, Vol 24, pp 381-395, 1981.". The algorithm gives the four probable solutions of the P3P problem in about 0.1ms, and can be used as input of the consequent RANSAC step. The codes needs the numerics library VNL which is a part of the widely used computer vision library VXL. One can download & install it from


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