Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I tried to add my software, but it forces my to select the author from a pull down list, which
    did not have my name.

    There is a free text field right next to the drop down box (on the right). In fact, selecting items from the drop down box just fills in the free text field for you. You can type whatever you like in this field, there is no limitation. It is only meant to help people avoiding duplicates and mis-spellings. Note that this holds for all drop down boxes on the software page.

  2. How does the submission work?

    You have to be registered to submit a software project. After registration and login, click on Submit new Project under the Software tab.

    A project is immediately put online upon submission, but the original submitter can always make further updates to the project page by using the edit feature.

  3. I have found a bug on your website - what should I do?

    Create a new thread in the forum and describe the problem or mail anyone of us.

  4. I really think feature X is missing from your site - could you please implement it?

    Please convince us using a posting in the forum why this feature is useful (or contact us directly). We then might indeed implement it.

  5. Is there anything I can do about text formatting ?

    Yes you can. In the software description and forum and comments, you may use Markdown syntax, a syntax inspired by restructured text However, note that raw HTML will be removed.

  6. Trying to add a software project I get an error in the fields "project archive" and "download url", although I correctly specified both of them.

    Don't add both, but only one of them (preferably an external download url if the project has any). These fields simply have an either or relation.

  7. What's the difference between project archive and download?

    Both are used to provide a link to the actual software. We hope to support all sorts of software projects in the community. So, in case the submitter(s) does not have a web server on which they can host their software, we allow them to upload their archive to our site. Of course, submitter(s) with their own hosting should just provide the download link to their site.

  8. Why are there such strict limits on the allowed characters in names etc?

    For security reasons, the registration system prohibits surnames with non-ascii characters in them. Also this has a simple practical reason: The users of come from very different countries and we want all of them to be able to read your name.

  9. Why does this website look screwed with internet explorer version 6 and below?

    For reasons beyond our control internet explorer version 6 and earlier does not support the css floats we are using to position items. We suggest to use firefox or internet explorer version 7 instead.

  10. Why is there "bibtex entry" and "corresponding paper bibtex entry"?

    The "bibtex entry" is a convenience to downloaders who want to cite the software, and it is an automatically generated entry based on the information in the other fields. The "corresponding paper bibtex entry" is the (machine learning) paper that has been previously published.