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by fracpete - December 20, 2017, 09:38:32 CET [ Project Homepage BibTeX BibTeX for corresponding Paper Download ]

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ADAMS is a flexible workflow engine aimed at quickly building and maintaining data-driven, reactive workflows, easily integrated into business processes.

Instead of placing operators on a canvas and manually connecting them, a tree structure and flow control operators determine how data is processed (sequentially/parallel). This allows rapid development and easy maintenance of large workflows, with hundreds or thousands of operators.

Operators include machine learning (WEKA, MOA, MEKA, deeplearning4j) and image processing (ImageJ, JAI, BoofCV, OpenImaJ,LIRE, ImageMagick and Gnuplot). R available using Rserve. WEKA webservice allows other frameworks to use WEKA models. Fast prototyping with Groovy and Jython. Read/write support for various databases and spreadsheet applications.

Changes to previous version:

Some highlights:

  • Code base was moved to Github
  • Nearly 90 new actors, 25 new conversions
  • much improved deeplearning4j module
  • experimental support for Microsoft's CNTK deep learning framework
  • rsync module
  • MEKA webservice module
  • improved support for image annotations
  • improved LaTeX support
  • Websocket support
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Corresponding Paper BibTeX Entry: Download
Supported Operating Systems: Agnostic
Data Formats: Arff, Csv, Tab Separated, Libsvm, Xrff, Excel, Odf, Xls, Xlsx
Tags: R, Workflow, Weka, Image Processing, Webservice, Moa, Gis, Openstreetmap, Meka
Archive: download here

Other available revisons

Version Changelog Date

Some highlights:

  • Code base was moved to Github
  • Nearly 90 new actors, 25 new conversions
  • much improved deeplearning4j module
  • experimental support for Microsoft's CNTK deep learning framework
  • rsync module
  • MEKA webservice module
  • improved support for image annotations
  • improved LaTeX support
  • Websocket support
December 20, 2017, 09:38:32

Some highlights:

  • Over 80 new actors, nearly 30 new conversions
  • Weka Investigator -- the big brother of the Weka Explorer, or how to be more efficient with less clicks using multiple datasets in multiple sessions and multiple predefined outputs per evaluation run
  • Weka Multi-Experimenter -- simple interface for running Weka and ADAMS experiments.
  • File commander -- dual-pane file manager (inspired by Norton/Midnight commander) that allows you to manage local and remote files (ftp, sftp, smb); usually faster than native file managers (like Windows Explorer, Nautilus, Caja) in terms of handling 10s of thousand of files in a single directory
  • experimental deeplearning4j module
  • module for querying/consuming webservices using Groovy
  • basic terminal-based GUI for remote machines (eg cloud)
  • many interactive actors can be used in headless environment now as well
  • Fixed a memory leak introduced by Java's logging framework
  • Flow editor now has predefined rules for swapping actors, e.g. Trigger with Tee or ConditionalTrigger, maintaining as many options as possible (including any sub-actors).
  • improved imaging and PDF support
December 22, 2016, 05:24:00

Some highlights of this release:

  • added adams-nlp package for some basic natural language processing (Stanford parser, tweet parsing)
  • VLC-based video player
  • Fonts can be customized now via preferences dialog (e.g. for better unicode support)
  • Flows can be saved/loaded with custom encodings
  • Many tweaks to search, preview browser, flow editor to improve interaction
December 21, 2015, 22:48:18

Some highlights of this release:

  • switch to Java 8
  • preferred IDE is now IntelliJ IDEA
  • removed OSX builds
  • 43 new actors
  • 13 new conversions
  • removed obsolete actors and conversions
  • added video support (video files and webcams)
  • added object detection and tracking (incl recording of object trails)
  • proof-of-concept remote-execution of jobs
  • SSH console
  • support for webscraping using JSoup
  • MEKA upgraded to 1.9.0
  • MOA regressor support added
  • better syntax highlighting for Groovy/Jython
  • several new Weka classifiers (eg Veto, LeanMultiScheme, ThresholdedBinaryClassification, InputSmearing)
  • new genetic algorithm: Hermione
  • extended the abstaining classifier framework (integrates with Weka)
  • adams-imaging split into: adams-imaging, adams-boofcv, adams-imagemagick, adams-imagej, adams-openimaj (newly added)
November 18, 2015, 10:58:55
  • fixes a glitch in the debugging functionality, when using the Breakpoint control actor
June 22, 2015, 23:14:58
  • 19 new actors
  • 1 new conversion
  • Flow editor debugging framework overhaul, allows step-by-step debugging now
  • Flow editor now offers "Find usages" of variables, storage items callable actors
  • added support for control charts
  • MEKA upgraded to 1.7.6
  • Groovy updated to 2.4.0 (fixes problems with Weka packages that rely on Groovy)
  • fixed actual/potential file locking issues on Windows (file handles didn't get released till the next garbage collection call)
  • fixed "very slow" loading of flows in the Flow editor, which was due to WEKA's "sophisticated" classname handling - turning it off resulted in speed improvement of more than 10 times
  • added wizards for appending datasets, batch-filtering datasets, merging datasets to main menu
  • added "Dark Lord" genetic attribute selection/optimization wizard to main menu (EXPERT user-mode)
  • spreadsheets are now editable
  • added Cost curve, Margin curve Weka visualizations to main menu
June 22, 2015, 07:23:30
  • 13 new actors
  • 1 new conversion
  • new module adams-access: for accessing MS Access databases (read/write)
  • adams-heatmap module overhaul
  • adams-imaging: barcode (QRCode etc) encoding/decoding, multi-image operations (and, or, xor)
  • Flow editor gets a "quick edit" tab
  • MEKA upgraded to 1.7.5
  • Weka filter "Scale" (unsupervised/instance) allows you to scale the values of a row eg to interval 0 to 1
  • SimplePlot sink is a "dumbed down" version of the SequencePlotter with only basic options -- enough to create good looking plots quickly
  • Upper/LowerCase conversion take the locale into account now
  • added print support for PDFs
  • fixed sluggish behavior in Flow editor (open/save/undo)
  • TryCatch correctly flushes token now
  • spreadsheet column range/index sometimes failed in conjunction with variables
  • fixed memory leak in Weka Explorer plugins FixedClassifierErrorPlot, ThresholdCurve
  • WekaExcel upgraded to 1.0.5 (no longer omits last row in sheets)
  • WhileLoop did not react to changes in variables once looping, ie conditions couldn't make use of variables
  • ImageProcessor now works again with the improved ImageFileChooser dialog
  • PreviewBrowser displays arrays in a more meaningful way
  • WekaFileReader didn't output empty datasets in DATASET mode
  • obtaining subsets from Notes objects only resulted in first element being retrieved
March 4, 2015, 00:54:04
  • 51 new actors
  • 16 new conversions
  • new module adams-jooq: code generation from JDBC databases for typed access
  • new module adams-image-webservice: allows upload of images using webservice
  • adams-timeseries module extended
  • adams-spreadsheet module extended
  • adams-random module extended
  • adams-imaging module overhaul
December 24, 2014, 02:57:41
  • 15 new actors
  • new MEKA addons module (multi-label extension to WEKA)
  • overhauled plugin framework for ImageViewer and SpreadSheet file viewer
  • fixed twitter integration (replay of archives was broken)
June 23, 2014, 06:35:05
  • more than 30 new actors
  • more than 20 new conversions
  • new GIS module using OpenStreetMap (OSM)
  • new event-based module for receiving and transmitting data (RATS)
  • queue support
  • XML/DOM documents can be created from scratch now
  • more interactive actors
May 16, 2014, 00:31:55
  • Added 30 more conversions and 70 more actors
  • new timeseries module, includes Weka's Forecasting plugin
  • OCR support using TesseractOCR wrapper
  • extended JSON support (value extraction using JSON path)
  • support for processing XML/HTML (DOM generation, XSLT, XPath)
  • SQL-like query language for spreadsheets
  • generic support Java properties files (read/write/modify)
  • generic serialization support
  • support for sequence plotter overlays
  • basic WebServer capability (using Jetty)
  • CSV file reader/writer now support file encodings (eg UTF-8, UTF-16)
October 25, 2013, 04:10:47
  • Added almost 20 more conversions and more than 30 new actors
  • spreadsheet support extended: merging of spreadsheets, generic object cells, multiple sheet support for reading/writing (Excel, ODF), Gnumeric reader, SQL dump reader, WEKA data formats (read/write)
  • basic JSON processing support
  • email support extended: read/write of files, viewing, basic address book
  • extended WEKA Explorer allows saving of sessions, multiple Explorer panels in same window
  • support for WEKA cluster evaluation added
  • variables can be attached to arrays now
  • many UI improvements in flow editor
  • connection standalons can prompt for password now (eg Database, SMTP, FTP, SSH)
  • enhanced image support: EXIF/IPTC meta-data, Draw actor allows basic draw operations on images
  • JavaExec actor allows launching of new JVMs with same or enhanced classpath
  • Twitter integration fixed
June 10, 2013, 07:14:57
  • Added almost 20 more conversions and 20 new actors
  • R-Project integration using Rserve
  • WEKA webservice allows for programming language agnostic training, evaluation and use of WEKA models (classifiers, clusterers) and data processing using filters
  • Spreadsheets now come with basic formula support
  • Spreadsheets can be used for lookup tables in the flow
  • Support for "chunked" reading/writing of spreadsheets to process millions of rows
February 26, 2013, 03:26:25
  • Added 40 new actors, resulting in almost 400 actors for a wide range of domains available now.
  • Doubled the number of conversion schemes to almost 80, available through the Convert transformer.
  • New module for heatmap support available.
  • Much improved spreadsheet support: import/export from/to databases, improved memory efficiency, readers for WEKA file formats, filtering of rows/columns possible.
  • Built-in sqlite database support.
  • Comes now with attribute selection capability (WEKA).
  • Movie generation using the FFmpeg sink.
  • Flow editor offers a temporary clipboard for storing an arbitrary number of flow fragments, allows user to temporarily bookmark actors.
  • Updated and extended the documentation for the modules.
December 20, 2012, 00:46:10

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