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by hillbig - August 30, 2010, 18:13:55 CET [ Project Homepage BibTeX Download ]

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redsvd is a C++ library for solving several matrix decompositions including singular value decomposition (SVD), principal component analysis (PCA), and eigen value decomposition. redsvd can handle very large matrix efficiently, and optimized for a truncated SVD of sparse matrices. For example, redsvd can compute a truncated SVD with top 20 singular values for a 100K x 100K matrix with 10M nonzero entries in less than two second.

redsvd uses the algorithm based on the randomized algorithm described in the following paper.

"Finding structure with randomness: Stochastic algorithms for constructing approximate matrix decompositions", N. Halko, P.G. Martinsson, J. Tropp, arXiv 0909.4061

Although the original algorithm samples in one way, redsvd samples both rows and columns, and enhance the performance especially for sparse matrices.

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Supported Operating Systems: Linux
Data Formats: Svmlight, Ascii
Tags: Matrix Factorization, Singular Value Decomposition, Sparse
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