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by ule - November 27, 2007, 20:11:21 CET [ Project Homepage BibTeX Download ]

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The GraphDemo provides Matlab GUIs to explore similarity graphs and their use in machine learning. It aims to highlight the behavior of different kinds of similarity graphs and to demonstrate their influence on the outcome of machine learning algorithms. It has first been used in the practical sessions of the Machine Learning Summer School 2007 in Tuebingen. Currently it contains three different demos:

  • DemoSimilarityGraph: what properties do different similarity graphs have, and how should their parameters be chosen?

  • DemoSpectralClustering: how is the result of normalized spectral clustering influenced by the choice of the similarity graph and its parameters?

  • DemoSSL: how is semi-supervised learning influenced by the choice of the similarity graph and its parameters?

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Supported Operating Systems: Linux, Macosx, Windows
Data Formats: None
Tags: Graph, Neighborhood Graph, Similarity Graph, Spectral Clustering, Semi Supervised Learning
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