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AMiDST is a Java Toolbox for Scalable Probabilistic Machine Learning.

In AMiDST, you can model your problem using a flexible probabilistic language based on graphical models. Then, fit it with data using a Bayesian approach to handle modelling uncertainty.

AMIDST provides tailored parallel and distributed implementations of Bayesian parameter learning for batch and streaming data (multi-core and distributed processing). This processing is based on flexible and scalable message passing algorithms.


  • Probabilistic Graphical Models: You can specify your model using probabilistic graphical models with latent variables and temporal dependencies.

  • Scalable inference: Perform inference on your probabilistic models with powerful approximate and scalable algorithms based on novel variational message passing schemes.

  • Data Streams: Update your models when new data is available. This makes our toolbox appropriate for learning from (massive) data streams.

  • Large-scale Data: Use your defined models to process massive data sets in a distributed computer cluster using Flink or Spark.

  • Extensible: Code your models or algorithms within AMiDST and expand the toolbox functionalities. Flexible toolbox for researchers performing their experimentation in machine learning.

  • Interoperability: Leverage existing functionalities and algorithms by interfacing to other software tools such as Hugin, MOA, Weka, R, etc.

PUBLICATIONS: (per year)


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Changes to previous version:

The new added functionalities include support to Flink for distributed learning of probabilistic graphical models and support for Latent Dirichlet Allocation Models for text analysis purposes.

Detailed information can be found in the toolbox's web page

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Supported Operating Systems: Platform Independent
Data Formats: Arff
Tags: Approximate Inference, Bayesian Networks, Data Streams, Multi Core, Bayesian Learning, Hidden Markov Models, Importance Sampling, Maximum Likelihood, Parallelisation, Varational Message Passing, Kalma
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