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Tagging Project 'Published in JMLR'

Posted by Soeren Sonnenburg on February 3, 2012

I did some minor maintenance work today updating email addresses of certain projects and merging libmlpack and MLPACK.

More importantly, I did add the jmlr mloss url to all listed projects that have a corresponding jmlr publication. Since there seemed to be quite some backlog it might be worthwhile to shed some light how one gets flagged 'published in jmlr'.

Naturally, the condition is an corresponding accepted and already online jmlr mloss paper. In addition, you should remind your jmlr action editor to flag the project 'published in jmlr' by giving him the link to the abstract of your publication on the jmlr homepage. This is the field 'abs' under . He will then add this cross-reference and your project benefits from the increased visibility.

I hope that makes the process more transparent and reduces the backlog - ohh and btw we are counting 29 JMLR-MLOSS submissions - keep it going :-)


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