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Posted by Cheng Soon Ong on September 15, 2009

Are there machine learning open source software at codeplex? Typing machine learning into the search interface results in 16 hits, mostly results related to learning. Three projects seemed promising. The first two do not have any releases yet, but the source repository is available.

Machine Learning Framework

The project description on the site says:

Machine Learning Framework (MLF) is a library based on .NET Framework for machine learning implementation. This library consists of collection of machine learning algorithms such as Bayesian, Neural Network, SOM, Genetic Algorithm, SVM, and etc.

Objective This library can help researchers, students, and programmers to build application based on Machine Learning using .NET platform easily.

Fire Ants

The project description says:

FireAnts is an action game similar to Bomberman. It's designed to be a platform for different AI and machine learning techniques.

Microsoft Computational Biology Tools

This is the most mature of the projects. There is a link to a web interface which seemed very sluggish to me, but as is the trend in many projects for computational biology, computation is hidden behind the browser. See for example the annual Nucleic Acids Research web server issue which has 112 projects listed, or the compiled list to all projects published in NAR.

The source is available under the Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL).


Unfortunately, it seems that is not open source.


Jurgen Van Gael (on November 12, 2009, 10:37:23)

Infer.NET is partly open source. If you download it, you will find the source code for the factors in the release. The Infer.NET compiler is closed source though.


Mark Tabladillo_marktab_dot_net (on December 7, 2009, 18:45:57)

See also Data Mining SDK

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