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Posted by Cheng Soon Ong on April 2, 2009

Visitor statistics

When looking at our access statistics, we see this very nice periodic curve with peak accesses on Tuesday with around 200 users per day. The slowest days? The weekends, with around 100 users per day. So, it seems that people come back to work on Monday and get their weekly fix of The peak on Tuesday is because our site is at CET and many of our accesses come from across the Atlantic. The USA leads the number of visitors list, but people from Croatia and Denmark look at the most pages (more than 6 on average).

In the last month, we've had 172 (123 unique) visitors to this blog, which is more than I thought it would be. I kind of expected that people use as a place to find some software and to update what they have. But it seems that some people actually read this blog. :-) However, it is clear that most people just come for the software. It is quite hard to tell exactly how many of our visitors are actually real people, and how many are just web crawlers. A rough guess is that at least half the visitors to are machines since they spend less than 10 seconds on the site.

Machine Learning Data

The discussion about a format for machine learning data seems to have ground to a halt. Do machine learners really not care about exchanging data automatically? Let us know your thoughts!


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