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mloss08 Program

Posted by Cheng Soon Ong on November 6, 2008

Just in case you haven't checked our workshop page recently, we have finalised our program. We had a surprisingly large number of submissions, ranging from quite mature projects to small radical ideas. In the end, we decided that we should try to squeeze in as many projects as possible, and at the same time try to keep some diversity in the program; i.e. we didn't want to have all slots taken up by large mature machine learning frameworks.

Our theme this year is "interoperability, interoperability, interoperability". The dream is to have some way for machine learning software to talk to each other. We are still a long way from being able to plug and play different tools for machine learning, and we hope to make a start by discussing this at the workshop. Of course, machine learning research is not only about software, but it is also about the data. Our afternoon discussion session will be about "UCI 2.0", and how we should go about it. There was a recent editorial in Nature Cell Biology about the need for standardizing bioinformatics data, and this blog post highlights three properties of scientific data.

Hope to see you at NIPS!


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