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by schloegl - July 28, 2009, 13:41:01 CET [ Project Homepage BibTeX BibTeX for corresponding Paper Download ]

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BioSig is a software library for biomedical signal processings. Besides several other modules, one modul (t400) provides a common interface (train_sc.m and test_sc.m) to various classification methods.

Major parts of the machine learning and classification module (t400) like train_sc, test_sc, and xval have been moved into the NaN-toolbox, and are also improved there. Biosig will also include the NaN-toolbox, but the NaN-toolbox will usually contain the more up-to-date version.

Changes to previous version:

Update of project information: machine learning and classification tools are moved to the NaN-toolbox.

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Supported Operating Systems: Linux, Macosx, Windows, Agnostic
Data Formats: None
Tags: Bci, Brain Computer Interface, Eeg, Electroencephalogram
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