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The circular statistics toolbox for Matlab, P. Berens and M. J. Velasco, MPI Technical Report No. 184, 2009

This document should be cited when the provided code is used. See licensing terms for details.

circ_r Resultant vector length
circ_mean Mean direction of a sample of circular data
circ_axialmean Mean direction for axial data
circ_median Median direction of a sample of circular data
circ_std Dispersion around the mean direction (std, mardia)
circ_var Circular variance
circ_axialmean R, mean direction for axial (multi-modal) data
circ_moment Complex p-th moment
circ_dist Distances around a circle
circ_dist2 Pairwise distances around a circle
circ_confmean Confidence intervals for mean direction
circ_stats Summary statistics

circ_rtest Rayleigh's test for nonuniformity
circ_otest Hodges-Ajne test (omnibus test) for nonuniformity
circ_raotest Rao's spacing test for nonuniformity
circ_vtest V-Test for nonuniformity with known mean direction
circ_medtest Test for median angle
circ_mtest One-sample test for specified mean direction
circ_wwtest Multi-sample test for equal means, one-way ANOVA
circ_gtest Stephen's G test for equality of modal vectors
circ_symtest Test for symmetry around median angle

circ_corrcc Circular-circular correlation coefficient
circ_corrcl Circular-linear correlation coefficient

circ_clust Simple k-means clustering
circ_vmpdf Von Mises pdf
circ_randvm Draw samples from a von Mises distribution
circ_vmpar Estimate parameters of von Mises distribution
circ_r2kappa Converts mean resultant vector length to concentration parameter
circ_kappa2r Converts concentration parameter to mean resultant vector length

circ_plot Visualization for circular data

rad2ang Convert radian to angular values
ang2rad Convert angular to radian values
bessip Generic Bessel function of order p
bessi0 Bessel function of order 0
bessi1 Bessel function of order 1

All functions take arguments in radians (expect for ang2rad). For a detailed description of arguments and outputs consult the help text in the files.

- E. Batschelet, Circular Statistics in Biology, Academic Press, 1981
- N.I. Fisher, Statistical analysis of circular data, Cambridge University Press, 1996
- S.R. Jammalamadaka et al., Topics in circular statistics, World Scientific, 2001
- J.H. Zar, Biostatistical Analysis, Prentice Hall, 1999

The implementation follows in most cases 'Biostatistical Analysis' and all referenced equations and tables are taken from this book, if not otherwise noted. In some cases, the other two books were preferred for implementation was more straightforward for solutions presented there.

Changes to previous version:

Many more functions added.

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Supported Operating Systems: Agnostic
Data Formats: None
Tags: Angular, Circular, Correlation, Rayleigh Test, Angular Variable, Anova, Directional Statistics


Soeren Sonnenburg (on May 7, 2009, 08:03:42)
Does this one work with octave too?
Philipp (on May 7, 2009, 08:53:47)
No idea. If you test it, let me know. :)

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