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Alpenglow is an open-source recommender systems research framework, aimed at providing tools for rapid prototyping and evaluation of algorithms for time-aware and streaming recommendation tasks. It supports modeling non-stationary environments using prequential evaluation and incremental updating of models. The framework is implemented in C++, and also provides an easy-to-use python API.


  • various tools for evaluation
  • preconfigured experiments
  • option for embedding traditional periodic retraining in the prequential framework

Implemented models:

  • matrix factorization (SGD, ALS, iALS)
  • asymmetric matrix factorization
  • SVD++
  • factorization machines
  • nearest neighbor
  • time-aware popularity
  • transition probability
Changes to previous version:

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Supported Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Osx
Data Formats: Pandas
Tags: Recommender System, Online Leaning
Archive: download here


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