markov thebeasthttp://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to markov thebeastenSat, 14 Jun 2008 17:01:31 -0000markov thebeast 0.0.2<html><p>markov thebeast is a Markov Logic interpreter. We also see it as structured prediction framework in which the user can define a loglinear distribution over a complex output space. </p> <p>thebeast provides MAP inference using a Cutting Plane based technique that was shown to be very efficient (see paper). Parameter Estimation is performed via Online Learning and 3 different update rules: MIRA, Perceptron and Passive-Aggressive-Learning. </p> <p>thebeast comes with an interactive shell that allows the user to inspect the trained model in various ways. </p> <p>Version 0.0.2 comes with an improved manual, an additional example application and some small bugfixes. </p></html>Sebastian RiedelSat, 14 Jun 2008 17:01:31 -0000 logicstatistical relational learning