YCMLhttp://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to YCMLenMon, 24 Aug 2015 20:28:45 -0000YCML 0.2.2<html><p>YCML is a Machine Learning framework written in Objective-C, and also available for use in Swift. The following algorithms are currently available: </p> <ul> <li> Gradient Descent Back-propagation </li> <li> Resilient Backpropagation (RProp) </li> <li> Extreme Learning Machines (ELM) </li> <li> Forward Selection using Orthogonal Least Squares (for RBF Net) </li> <li> Forward Selection using Orthogonal Least Squares with the PRESS statistic </li> </ul> <p>Where applicable, regularized versions of the algrithms have been implemented. </p> <p>YCML also contains some optimization algorithms as support for deriving predictive models, although they can be used for any kind of problem: </p> <ul> <li> Gradient Descent (Single-Objective, Unconstrained) </li> <li> RProp Gradient Descent (Single-Objective, Unconstrained) </li> <li> NSGA-II (Multi-Objective, Constrained) </li> </ul></html>Ioannis ChatzikonstantinouMon, 24 Aug 2015 20:28:45 -0000 networksmachine learningiosobjective cosxswift