Chordalysishttp://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to ChordalysisenMon, 24 Mar 2014 01:22:06 -0000Chordalysis 1.0<html><p>Log-linear analysis is the statistical method used to capture multi-way relationships between variables. However, due to its exponential nature, previous approaches did not allow scale-up to more than a dozen variables. We present here Chordalysis, a log-linear analysis method for big data. Chordalysis exploits recent discoveries in graph theory by representing complex models as compositions of triangular structures, also known as chordal graphs. Chordalysis makes it possible to discover the structure of datasets with hundreds of variables on a standard desktop computer. This method has been presented at the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining 2013. </p></html>Francois PetitjeanMon, 24 Mar 2014 01:22:06 -0000 networksmarkov random fieldsmarkov networksgoodness of fit testslog linear analysis