StirlingNumbershttp://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to StirlingNumbersenMon, 09 Dec 2013 03:26:56 -0000StirlingNumbers 1.0<html><p>This is the StirlingNumbers library, for calculating and accessing generalized Stirling numbers of the second kind, which are used for inference in Poisson-Dirichlet processes. </p> <p>For instruction on how to install and use the library, view the included documentation at "./docs/html/index.html". </p> <p>You can build the example in "./source" by either running "./source/make all" (for Linux), or opening and compiling the Visual Studio solution "./source/example.sln" (on Windows). </p> <p>Note that the library requires a compiler that supports C++11. It has been tested on Visual Studio 2013 and GCC 4.8.1. </p></html>Stefan WebbMon, 09 Dec 2013 03:26:56 -0000 yorpoisson dirichletprocessstirling