SkyVoice TTS and SDKhttp://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to SkyVoice TTS and SDKenMon, 10 Sep 2012 03:48:47 -0000SkyVoice TTS and SDK 1.0<html><p>Text-to-Speech (TTS) is a kind of speech processing technology that converts text into speech. It involves phonetics, linguistics, digital signal processing technology, computer technology, multimedia technology, and other technologies. It is a frontier technology in Chinese information processing field. With TTS technology, any text used to be read by eyes can also be listened by ears. SkyVoice TTS software is a TTS system developed by the Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences according to the characteristics of desktop system application for more than ten years. SkyVoice TTS software adopts the world’s leading data driven technology at present, use well designed speech language database to train the model. The synthesized speech is highly natural, fluent and willing to be accepted by users. SkyVoice has excellent platform compatibility and convenient platform migration because its kernel is written in ANSI C which is platform-independent. It has a set of fully functional, easy-to-use user programmable interfaces (API). Users can master it in a short period of time. What’s more, in order to intervene the rhythm and spelling information of synthesized speech manually, SkyVoice provides a set of annotation standards for the control of synthesized result in necessary situation. </p></html>jianhua tao, shifeng pan, ya li, zhengqi wen, shanfeng liu, yang wang, hao che, ran zhangMon, 10 Sep 2012 03:48:47 -0000