Some essential Matlab extensionshttp://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to Some essential Matlab extensionsenSat, 10 Nov 2007 22:15:31 -0000Some essential Matlab extensions 1.0<html><p>This is a set of MATLAB(R) functions and MEX files which I wrote to make working with this system somewhat bearable. They allow to call BLAS and LAPACK functions, which do very efficient dense linear algebra, directly. The full power of this interface is used, so you can operate on parts of a larger matrix, or using only a triangle of a matrix, etc. Importantly, this is done WITHOUT COPYING any matrices. </p> <p>This uses an undocumented hack about MEX files, which about everybody seems to do, although The Mathworks claim you should not do this. Please read the documentation to understand the issue, and don't use this for controlling aircrafts or nuclear power stations. </p></html>Matthias SeegerSat, 10 Nov 2007 22:15:31 -0000