Naive Bayes Classifier http://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to Naive Bayes Classifier enFri, 02 Dec 2011 05:25:44 -0000Naive Bayes Classifier 1.0.0<html><p>This program is a C++ implementation of Naive Bayes Classifier, which is a well-known generative classification algorithm for the application such as text classification. The Naive Bayes algorithm requires the probabilistic distribution to be discrete. The program uses the multinomial event model for representation, the maximum likelihood estimate with a Laplace smoothing technique for learning parameters. A sparse-data structure is defined to represent the feature vector in the program to seek higher computational speed. </p></html>Rui XiaFri, 02 Dec 2011 05:25:44 -0000 language processingpattern recognitiontext classification