QuickDThttp://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to QuickDTenWed, 21 Sep 2011 13:43:37 -0000QuickDT 0.1<html><p>QuickDT is a Java decision tree learner library that was inspired by my efforts to use existing alternatives like jaDTi and Weka, both of which have rather clunky and difficult-to-use APIs. </p> <p>QuickDT's API is designed to be elegant and intuitive. It incorporates a novel scoring function that outperforms gini impurity in simple tests. </p> <p>Significant work has been done to improve CPU usage (an 100X increase in speed relative to earlier versions), however ease of use has been prioritized over raw speed. </p></html>Ian ClarkeWed, 21 Sep 2011 13:43:37 -0000 treesdecision tree learning