Marrayhttp://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to MarrayenWed, 06 Jul 2011 01:27:44 -0000Marray 2.2<html><p>Marray is a single header file for fast multi-dimensional arrays and views in C++. Unlike in other implementations such as boost MultiArray and Blitz++, the dimension of Marray views and arrays can be set and changed at runtime. Dimension is not a template parameter in Marray. Arrays and views that have the same type of entries but different dimension are therefore of the same C++ type (class). In conjunction with the comprehensive and convenient Marray interface, this brings some of the flexibility known from high-level languages such as Python and MATLAB to C++. </p></html>Bjoern AndresWed, 06 Jul 2011 01:27:44 -0000 dimensional datamatrixhdf5matlab interfacemulti dimensional array