LPmadehttp://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to LPmadeenMon, 02 Apr 2012 17:11:59 -0000LPmade 1.2.2<html><p>LPmade is a complete cross-platform software solution for multi-core link prediction and related tasks and analysis. Its first principal contribution is a scalable network library supporting high-performance implementations of the most commonly employed unsupervised link prediction methods. Link prediction in longitudinal data requires a sophisticated and disciplined process for correct results and fair evaluation, so the second principle contribution of LPmade is a sophisticated GNU make architecture that completely automates link prediction, prediction evaluation, and network analysis. Finally, LPmade streamlines and automates the process of creating multivariate supervised link prediction models as proposed in the paper "New Perspectives and Methods in Link Prediction" (Lichtenwalter et al 2010) with a version of WEKA modified to operate effectively on extremely large data sets. With mere minutes of manual work, one may start with a raw stream of records representing a network and progress through hundreds of steps to generate plots, gigabytes or terabytes of output, and actionable or publishable results. </p></html>Ryan N. Lichtenwalter, Nitesh V. ChawlaMon, 02 Apr 2012 17:11:59 -0000 makehplplink predictionmulticorenetwork analysispropflow