WordNet Similarityhttp://mloss.orgUpdates and additions to WordNet SimilarityenTue, 12 Aug 2008 16:42:50 -0000WordNet Similarity 2.05<html><p>This is a Perl module that implements a variety of semantic similarity and relatedness measures based on information found in the lexical database WordNet. In particular, it supports the measures of Resnik, Lin, Jiang-Conrath, Leacock-Chodorow, Hirst-St.Onge, Wu-Palmer, Banerjee-Pedersen, and Patwardhan-Pedersen. The input to the module is a pair of words, and the output is a numeric value indicating their degree of similarity or relatedness. </p></html>ted pedersen, siddharth patwardhan, jason michelizziTue, 12 Aug 2008 16:42:50 -0000 language processingsemantic similaritysemantic relatedness