@article{delorme_eeglab_2011, title = {{EEGLAB}, {SIFT}, {NFT}, {BCILAB}, and {ERICA:} New Tools for Advanced {EEG} Processing}, volume = {2011}, issn = {1687-5265}, shorttitle = {{EEGLAB}, {SIFT}, {NFT}, {BCILAB}, and {ERICA}}, doi = {10.1155/2011/130714}, abstract = {We describe a set of complementary {EEG} data collection and processing tools recently developed at the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience {(SCCN)} that connect to and extend the {EEGLAB} software environment, a freely available and readily extensible processing environment running under Matlab. The new tools include (1) a new and flexible {EEGLAB} {STUDY} design facility for framing and performing statistical analyses on data from multiple subjects; (2) a neuroelectromagnetic forward head modeling toolbox {(NFT)} for building realistic electrical head models from available data; (3) a source information flow toolbox {(SIFT)} for modeling ongoing or event-related effective connectivity between cortical areas; (4) a {BCILAB} toolbox for building online brain-computer interface {(BCI)} models from available data, and (5) an experimental real-time interactive control and analysis {(ERICA)} environment for real-time production and coordination of interactive, multimodal experiments.}, journal = {Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience}, author = {Delorme, Arnaud and Mullen, Tim and Kothe, Christian and Akalin Acar, Zeynep and {Bigdely-Shamlo}, Nima and Vankov, Andrey and Makeig, Scott}, year = {2011}, note = {{PMID:} 21687590 {PMCID:} 3114412} }