@article{OXlearn, author = {Ruh, Nicolas and Westermann, Gert}, title={{OXlearn: A new MATLAB-based simulation tool for connectionist models}}, journal = {Behavior Research Methods}, volume = {41}, number = {4}, pages = {1138-1143}, doi = {10.3758/BRM.41.4.1138}, year = {2009}, abstract = {OXlearn is a free, platform-independent MATLAB toolbox in which standard connectionist neural network models can be set up, run, and analyzed by means of a user-friendly graphical interface. Due to its seamless integration with the MATLAB programming environment, the inner workings of the simulation tool can be easily inspected and/or extended using native MATLAB commands or components. This combination of usability, transparency, and extendability makes OXlearn an efficient tool for the implementation of basic research projects or the prototyping of more complex research endeavors, as well as for teaching. Both the MATLAB toolbox and a compiled version that does not require access to MATLAB can be downloaded from . }, URL = {http://brm.psychonomic-journals.org/content/41/4/1138.abstract}, eprint = {http://brm.psychonomic-journals.org/content/41/4/1138.full.pdf+html} }