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How many NIPS papers have source code?

Posted by Cheng Soon Ong on November 12, 2009

With NIPS coming up next month, I'm curious as to how many of the authors would distribute source code corresponding to their NIPS papers. Since the 2009 papers are not yet available, I wrote a small python script to check out the number of papers having http or ftp links in the 2008 batch. The results? 5 papers reported by the script.

  • NIPS2008_1027.pdf
  • NIPS2008_0552.pdf
  • NIPS2008_0117.pdf
  • NIPS2008_0604.pdf
  • NIPS2008_0401.pdf

The search was pretty basic, so I probably detected some false positives, and missed others. Here's the python script if you want to refine the search I obtained the papers from the electronic proceedings. Warning, this is 130MB.


Soeren Sonnenburg (on November 12, 2009, 14:41:22)

I've just checked. We also have a http:// url in our paper which a simple grep doesn't find though :(

I suspect that if you run pdftotext on the paper and search in the resulting ascii file instead it will find quite a couple of more :)

Cheng Soon Ong (on November 12, 2009, 18:01:27)

Thanks for pointing that out Soeren. I've updated the script now (linked above) to first do pdftotext before checking. The new list is now significantly longer. However, a brief glance at the text output shows that some of the links are coming from references at the end of the paper. The new list is as follows:

['files/NIPS2008_0280.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0586.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0683.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0893.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0607.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0583.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0574.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0552.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0755.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0822.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0605.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0983.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0060.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0350.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0193.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0253.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0637.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0367.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0710.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0143.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0950.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0935.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0767.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0806.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0004.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0266.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0041.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0589.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0738.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0676.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0635.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0707.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0198.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0117.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0831.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0604.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0401.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0886.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0487.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0242.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0281.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0200.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0257.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0716.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0840.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0545.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0513.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0494.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0373.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0510.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0612.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0088.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0998.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0590.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0170.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0746.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0745.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0984.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0006.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0098.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0872.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0824.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0129.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0089.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0674.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0236.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0497.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0090.pdf', 'files/NIPS2008_0889.pdf']

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