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MLOSS progress updates for November 2009

Posted by Soeren Sonnenburg on November 11, 2009

As of today has

  • 211 software projects with 357 revisions based on
  • 23 programming languages,
  • 370 authors (including software co-authors),
  • 365 registered users,
  • 572 comments (including spam :),
  • 109 forum posts,
  • 51 blog entries,
  • 67 software ratings,
  • 90839 software statistics objects,
  • 143 software subscriptions or bookmarks.

And happy birthday - the site is live for 2 year and 1.5 months now and is steadily visited by 1200 users per week (November 2009).

And congratulations Peter Gehler, author of the most successful software project: MPIKmeans (accessed more than 11837 times).

Finally in JMLR-MLOSS 10 papers got accepted since its announcement in summer 2007.

Yes visible progress. Nevertheless, does anyone have suggestions on how we should/could improve (or even wants to help out)? I guess we should have another workshop next year? Maybe this time not at nips but ICML?

The one thing I would like to see is blog contributions from you. Whenever you stumble across something opensource and machine learning related, write any of us an email and we will put your post in this blog.

Waiting for your ideas either talk to us at any of the conferences we are attending or leave comment!


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