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New JMLR-MLOSS publication and progress updates for July 2008

Posted by Soeren Sonnenburg on July 7, 2008

Almost two months have passed since the last progress report. Well the biggest news is the recent pulling of R machine learning packages. This lead to 35 additional projects on and we are now at 120 projects and 224 registered users at

We also made a lot of progress regarding the upcoming NIPS'08 MLOSS Workshop proposal and managed to secure a number of high profile invited speakers, like the author of octave - John W. Eaton and the author of matplotlib John D. Hunter, as well as the program committee. In case you have suggestions - let us know! We will otherwise submit the proposal in the next weeks. Although we planned to have t-shirts at ICML'08 it remained unclear whether we are being reserved a table to distribute them. We therefore decided to postpone t-shirts for NIPS'08 again. After all it makes a lot of sense to distribute them there in case we get the workshop accepted :-).

Finally, the SHARK C++ Machine Learning Library got accepted in JMLR. We again highlight the software interlinking it with the jmlr publication. Note that SHARK in contrast to LWPR is the first full fledged toolbox - implementing more than just a single algorithm - that got accepted.


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